Veterans Day poem I can only remember

Veterans Day 2017


I can only remember


On a windy retreat

lightning bolts struck

the purple mountaintops

in a single spectacular moment.

Veterans waited

their turn for a melody of words to comfort and heal such pain —

the bloody sores and broken bones

lost minds and unspoken


“I should have died”

One uttered

”How did I survive?”

A bombardier cried.

I can’t forget

I can only remember.

The brightness of illumination and country

Shone through

Can you help us, the veterans ask?

We served.

We served.

The leader replied,

Stay present

Stay present.

Voices emerge expressing

The innocence of battle

men and women ever classified —

in the most unnatural act on the planet:



Study Pablo Picasso painting  Guernica

©nancy v machin

A Profile World War II Navy Seabee. @

Denver CO