rules of writing

after ten books, in ways

I have not shown in words

the savage heartbreak of my life.

Not that i have glossed over things;

at 77, there is still more. How?


and in these times of predators,

the resonance is still acute,

affecting the small things and

larger picture. it is not about doing —

it is about deep feeling, honesty

and courage to be myself. no one

else. alone, now, without a partner,

life is so different, as a woman.

being creative is the same.

the athlete in word power.

audio is better — shout it out!

to put down those words

unique to me.

find a way…

person holding white paper and typewriter
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rules of writing according to

f.scott fitzgerald, anais nin,

ELEMENTS OF STYLE by eb white,

stephen king on writing, emily d,

joan didion, and more.

read on.