Read World War II Navy Seabee story

A Can Do Seabee of the US Navy at age 16 in the Pacific in WWII

Charles J Doubrava says, at 90, “I pulled my own weight.”

We do the difficult...from an impoverished farm in

Texas he enlisted underage to serve his country in 1943

and feed his siblings and mother on $19/month. He was

grateful, well trained, prepared for the enemy on destinations

unknown. His 32nd Sp NCB battalion never had a proper cruise

log, and, as a result, his troopships (with mermaids to guide!),

were destination unknown. In 1945, Japan surrendered. Doubrava

was on Calicoan Island (we surmise) Samar Islands, then in October

headed to Tanggku China to liberate. He turned 17 in China.

Doesn’t remember a thing. Most of his story has been classified

and much is still a mystery. Celebrate 90 years! – n j machin, author

Revised 2019. Book title is WWII Navy Seabee: Profile (destination unknown)

with Charles J. Doubrava, 91, of Aurora, CO.


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