More D-Day in Ceremony, Song, Re-enactment, Readings, one Parachute Jump

More D Day img_09932019

75th Anniversary #DDay75 #Normandy

Remarkable new events, readings, song, and a parachute jump!

What is more remarkable is how many WW2 Veterans are trailblazers

in educating the younger ones, “I feel like a rock star,” and oral histories.


  1. BBC Specials, Broadcasts, BBC World News, Documentaries, Dramas
  2. National Geographic ATLAS of World War II. Original D Day maps, etc.
  3. BBC You Tube 15 yr old galley boy in 90s Jim R Sings his own
  4. “The Shores of Normandy.”  A poet-sailor, folk singer.
  5.  Queen Elizabeth salutes, not only the world leaders gathered at Portsmouth,
  6. but all the living, surviving veterans, who maybe thought they too would not
  7. see the 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944. With gratitude, you hear!
  8. 97-yr Brit parachutes to commemorate his first D. Day jump at Normandy and
  9. honor his fallen heroes. ‘No one…shooting at me this time.”
  10. Beaches of Normandy, and other cemeteries with D-Day tours, re-enactments. 
  11. Any book by Stephen Ambrose and his D Day tour in progress in France.
  12. Most notably — the interviews with WWII vets, most in their 90s, still standing
  13. with the Queen of England, whose life and tributes most thorough and moving.

Veterans History Project is located within the Library of Congress, Wash D.C.

Honor and Remember: Special Edition