Living in the present: we will not join up.

It was something this week, late summer,

that said, how we must keep up our presence

in an America without angels, but with adoration

of cruelty, disrespect and intolerance of demi-gods. The Axis.

My words, actually. We will not join this admin’s agenda,

behavior, policies or any immorality it applauds.

We will not join up. Our sense of decency, justice, love

and peaceful, even spiritual solutions, is far deeper and aware

than anything in a 140 -character tweet with double -time nonsense,

which exploits the written word, any art, or moving poetry.

Such egotism of language in a presidential Tweet is

self-serving, enticing an uninformed base of believers

to follow. They may be our neighbors.

We will not join up.  The Axis of World War II felt

dominant, imperialist, the master race to the commonality

of the ordinary citizenry struggles, and, by bullying and

executing its insidious power so divisively from 1939-1945,

the Greatest Generation of mostly enlistees won.

On a $19/month and K-rations and two slices of white bread

and baloney, enlistees won the War.  We will not join up.

We will remain present, not distracted, informed,

donate to in-depth real reporting, educational films,

in honor and respect of our democratic documents and

history. We are our own better angels. We signed up

for those inalienable rights of equality.