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Thoughts are Things Collection    ARTIFACTS


Mosaic70Books by nancy vorkink machin  ( Kindle.

“we write to taste life twice” — anais nin

NEWDiary of a Womb: feminine way of healing. @amazon 2019

GYPSY GIRL @amazon 2017-2018

CHRYSALIS RISING: Two Epics Poems 2018.

JAVA’S DAUGHTER: Dispatches 2016.

WORLD WAR 2 NAVY SEABEE PROFILE  (2018) with C J Doubrava, age 92.

IN STRICKEN LIBERIA: with Daniel F. Poawalio [Ebola Story] 2016

TEAR DROP: Prisms of Grief  2012

MOSAIC LIGHTS Prose and Poetry


WANDERLUST Poems 1996.

Sacred Stone Anthology.

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