Getting Involved: the path to change my _heart is full_

Colorful autumn is hot! Vibrant in thought. As special holidays approach. The path

to change, and we seek change, is getting involved. Cliched. Not cynical. Work at

some new passion for change. Healing ourselves, as we age, becomes more practical

on a daily basis, and slower in progress, so those moments of sparkling change, of

connection to our passions, our beliefs, and commitment do matter. Topsy turvy

aside. The words mean more caution, yet more passion. That is my takeaway from

a day of solitude, then a democratic meeting, where ideas of change, and plans

rise above the self. Change for the common good.

In the personal, our experiences shape us, from early to maturity…and seemingly

how fast, we grow. Recently, a life and death experience, a medical event brought

the past, present and the future onto center stage. Intensity and not everyday thought.

It chose me. I wouldnt want it…to chose me. So much so, it was hard to think straight,

to feel normal, to be ourselves, and to go through this journey with new, fresh eyes.

Intense medical events I understand can do this…a long pause into the wilderness

and even darkness of the moment, who am I? where am I going? With whom?

Why am I living?  Why, why why. Humbling. Sobering. Sitting in the waiting room

thinking and thinking. My heart full. Just wondering what’s next?