Diverse Places Empower Us

artifacts in a box 6 If you have been fortunate to step out of your routine and circle and neighborhood, to visit another culture quite strange, with its own language and customs — as I have, when I was nineteen — then you know the experience to which I speak. I never wanted to leave these international experiences, for I learned so much about the world, its diversity, and even, about myself and my country. For over forty years, I have made it a point in my grateful life to step out as often as I can. And I do not mean, the tourist sites. I mean in the villages, with its own cultures, cuisine, and ways of living. Here we learn each time how connected this small digital world we’ve become, how similar we are, in our humanity. Our differences make us unique. It is the shared humanity we seek, strive for, and learn from each day.

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sand dollar holds an Easter message