Americans watch: Going to War film *in their own words

  To close out Memorial Day, I stumbled on a film GOING TO WAR with war experiences of Sebastian Junger "War" boot camp, combat, killing, Iraq, the war experience changed these men and their own words. Coming home -- the battle buddies stick together, someone always has your back, reliving the trauma, the …

Vets: moving along and forward to wholeness and community

Memorial Day 2019 -Denver, CO. As we close out the holiday weekend, the media will move on in its breaking news, as veterans take the road to a healing path each and every day. With less attention on  veterans causes and enactment of rightful bills and laws, esp. on healing the trauma, we remain watchful, …

Blue Water Vietnam Veterans: my hero and the story follows

My hero, My beloved, on this Memorial Day, we honor your brothers and you and remember. Although ten years may be brief in some eyes, our hearts intertwingle, our souls mated, in the sad, slow yet fast progression of the thief in the night, Mr. Parkinson's. A night of terror on Colorado watch.  I stood the …

Being supported: Vietnam vets coming home (protests, immoral war, make love not war) #BlueWaterVietnamVets

For Vietnam Vets, on this 2019 Memorial Day, the realization that many vets  from Vietnam really were hurting upon their homecoming, after service to their country. It was not a pleasant homecoming, compared to previous wars. The protests, the television coverage of the body count, the presidential change of guards, and a long, dragged out …

…tolling of the Navy bell

#MemDayPBS  #MemorialDay 2019 #MemorialDay My beloved, your brothers and I embraced you yesterday. Lost in time, disease, undocumented war hero, your shipmates said farewell in the tolling of the Navy bell. That slow... salute... goodbye. We honored you and remembered you, my beloved in the blue waters of Vietnam, that unholy television war, of terror …

Veterans History Projects interviews… Colorado veterans WWII

#Memorial Day  interviews online with Colorado WWII Veterans  interviewer, Gary Smith, Mile High Red Cross. Russell Schnack, US Navy,  WWII, Aurora CO.  Heather Gardens, Aurora CO. Charles J Doubrava, WWII Navy Seabee, Aurora, CO. (see book, WWII Navy Seabee Profile: destination unknown @amazon).  age 91. Garden Plaza Retirement. "Pete" C. Zarlengo, US Navy, D-Day, …

#MemorialDay Tributes downtown Denver: stirring posters, music, armed forces, vets, and active duty, honor with Gold Star families.

World War II vets. Vietnam Vets. Korea Vets. 9/11 Vets. War on Terror (1941-2001) Vets. All American recent conflicts. Iraq. Afghanistan. 9/11. Desert Storm. Persian Gulf. Thank you Mary Maher, Mt. Carmel Orphanage, Denver, where both Pete Zarlengo, 94, WWII Normandy Invasion-Omaha Beach, and his fallen brother, Dominic resided years ago. Dominic killed in the Pacific …

My father was an immigrant: short personal history of gratitude

Dutch East Indies. Indonesia. The Netherlands. Java. Holland. WWII. Pearl Harbor.  I was born in 1941, a couple months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. My father was not a US citizen at the time, did not enlist, and had emigrated from DEI via Holland as World War I was ending. His father had managed to …

…in memoriam: the tolling of the Navy bell

Whenever anyone mentions the tolling of church bells, I always think of John Donne's famous Meditation 17, which contains the line "ask not for whom the bell tolls." This gives some indication of what tolling church bells would have signified before, and during, the time period in which Fever 1793 is set. While church bells would toll …

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