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Read me a chapter — the entire story is 133 pgs.

Gilda Radner, who died from ovarian cancer, at 42

was a funny lady who developed ‘an unfunny disease’

on SNL Roseanna character IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING.

Blessings to that moment in SNL history when all the

world grieved.

Cancer is a generic word … or a clinical word. When the cells

become damaged, grow malignant, spread fast — saw this with my

mother in 1983…how fast and scary that spread can be. No treatment

sometimes in Stage 4.

My oncologist Dr. Guntupalli is the cancer doc who treats very young

women in their 20’s. Thats when I saw him on TV.

Thank you, doc and your team — I was just lucky, considering my

risk factors. Am grateful. The survivors anchor us all in humility

and grace. I love you, j’taime.