Autumn Leaves: falling into healing

For sure, a medical event, be it shared or toute seule, awakens the mind and body,

mostly the Spirit. As life becomes wiggly-wobbly, uncertain, unplanned, the new normal

unfolds…not steady at all. It’s rock ‘n roll. No, it’s the jitterbug. It’s the Fifth Dimension.

Outside our small world, the small birds like finches, sparrows, warblers, are leaving the

planet: the northern white rhino is near extinction, not endangered, gone, the honeybees

and butterflies are a niche industry by a few, even the Canadian geese we love overhead

are being killed to feed the homeless. We center ourselves to unfold with the change of

light. We are grateful for each day, and its peace, and its challenges. It’s the jitterbug, not

the rock ‘n roll. Heal thyself.