“Be Kind to Those in Diverse Places.”

“Be Kind to Those in Diverse Places” 

©2019 by Nancy Vorkink Machin March 2019 **

Be kind to those in diverse places

In the temple In the church In the ashram In the mosque

We are One in all efforts of love In sorrow and in pain.

Our pathos extends worldwide in this cultural moment.

The color of our skin is a beautiful thing

Go deep into its beauty

Those who abuse whiteness even blackness or any color reduce our humanity

We are One, embracing color-blind Maya said, “we are more alike, than unalike.”

We connect in kindness equally.

Some say this cultural moment is a turning point

Powerful figures dictate, bully and fail

Corner to corner we know the truth

In the temple in the church in the ashram in the mosque

The wise say – find your moral purpose

Know your personal passion

We may not be who we think we are.

Uplift, comfort this existential angst.

Be kind to those in diverse places.
-njvm (2020, original 2019)