One year ago on a dark and stormy night

Share the end of 2018. The assault of Prez politics divisive unequal and male predators use small devices. Coming of a new brotherhood. It’s personal. Spy isolate awkward sleep. Device in shower. Boxes arrive with letter to quit. Very sad … speak up to wealthy. Retaliate. Move. So much hope. My old home.

(Can’t go home again. Tap tap begins incredulously) Go inward. Shame and blame not support or unconditional love. Have to always fight for the truth.Home ? Neighbors?)

Sprouts. Best memories. Paul and Hazyium.

Old friends. Tap tap not neighborly. New home. Move 20 miles. Changes.

Finally have to be strong so much of the time as a poor highly educated widowed

on a grieving income in such a paradox I must be silence or be slave to the arrogant wealthy lawless clique. Renters have no

rights. Marginalized. Seniors pushed on.

When poor. who cares?