Moving from warm autumn to Arctic shifts our sense of well-being

Diary of Womb: feminine of healing is available and

European Amazon distributors. $US16.99  A senior curator-writer

wakes up to a cancer scare, without notice, and given all the risk factors

in her female ancestry, childlessness, and current pelvic scans deals

with the ordeal through a healing ministry of affirmation, cancer

survivors, and inner strength and humor.

Any shift in our thinking is important and shifts our cells and genes

and biology: in my case this year, I became most grateful and still am

for all the support, that I was able to move forth on a healing path,

saying daily affirmations of Oneness, not of separation or shame.

The courage I felt to help as my good oncologist said, Dr. Guntupulli,

“help those not as lucky.” My purpose has always been such, in

a variety of ways — yet I faced another scare. far more menacing.

Never give up. Daniel in West Africa taught me that. Years ago. His girls

carry on that strength and faith. It just seems this year has been most challenging.

For all of us. Peace is us.-author