Healing: Farewell, O Womb

Farewell, O Womb
I hardly knew ‘ye.
Yet your imminent loss saddens me.
We were a unique generation.
‘The Pill” and we were one.
Our sexual revolution
helped younger women today.
Yet your loss saddens me.
Seems like yesterday.
I was 13 in high school-yuck!
The period, hush hush — “the curse”
the red lining of your pear-shaped vessel,
cycled and cycled without a pause.
In rubbered confusion.
No morning sickness.
No nine-months time out.
The politics of our biology reigned.
We were of the Sexual Revolution.
Beats, Hippies, Iconoclasts, Rebels.
Slept around. Even married.
And sixty years later,
childless and barren.
Still your imminent loss saddens me.
What if? — many chances in foreign lands
for this lass — yet, pass the pill. What if,
there were a dozen, cheaper today.
Procreation or Creation or Art.
Living in Boston,
Our Bodies OurSelves office
hosted SOLD OUT
each day, in empowered hippiedom.
“That’s groovy” – cute kid by a midwife –
but pass the pill. We want our careers first.
Our equality in reproductive freedom.
Our right to speak out for our choices.
Farewell, O, Womb.
Still, your loss saddens me.
(c) 2019 nancy vorkink machin
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