Healing: the barren woman

In many cultures where I lived fully, tasting new foods, teaching to the eager young ones,

as a woman, a barren woman, and as an elder, I was always asked about my children.

How many?  It was a typical question. None, was unacceptable. Unbelievable.

In fact, like a super veiled woman, a prostitute, the barren woman was ostracised.

Equally, not sure, and cultures go deep into secret traditions especially the ancient

ones, the old rituals for a barren woman and prostitute could be the same.


In my generation, this medical procedure of 2019 was called by another name.

That word is a flammable word today, provoking many hostile, even violent

reactions. But in my generation, as I was saying, — in the 1960’s — none of us

women had children. Today, 2019 of my senior friends, six never had children —

relationships, marriages, losses, but not children. Odd? Not to us. We were too busy

marching for equality, civil rights, women’s rights anti-war, and finding an education

and a career. That’s the way it was…our sexual revolution was freedom, from the past,

not bearing children.

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