healing: farewell, old womb

77 years — birthed with a womb.

Useful in puberty, women’s classes.Healing: the barren woman

In relationships, a G spot of pleasure.

Of tampons. Of PMS. Of the red lining.

Never conception. No seeds: birth control pills.

Odd, as it may be,

that is what it was to us women

then, and now, not bearing children.

A risk factor? For diseases?

Menopause, or the change , we became elders.

Odd. It was a choice to us.

Without children.

The womb never stretched.

“Use it, or lose it”

We mothered others, nurtured and nourished

in more creative ways at the time.

It was the sexual revolution.

The politics of sex. Equality of pleasure.

“Sensuous women.” “Second Sex”

Discovering our bodies, ourselves.

Wed or single, we chose this path.