Book 83 Env Rollbacks

Idea of  Children’s Book img_1215Dream.

Know the silver linings of these drastic ecological rollbacks.

Believe in the positive actions.

  1. Honeybees, Butterflies
  2. A White Rhino conceives
  3. Arctic Green Moss


Once upon a time, the earth’s natural species embraced a full balance, so

everyone, everything had a place in a habitat, a home, and cycled in life

to live.  [home]  Large mammals like whales lived in the ocean; small freshwater

fish swan the rivers and tributaries. The animal creatures on the planet always

have a habitat, a home and lived in balance. Everyone was happy.


Take an African safari and you see how animals live peacefully

and in balance of a cycle of life. At the watering hole, water buffalo, elephants,

and ( hippos ) come to quench their thirst. On the savannahs,

the large cats like lions, leopards, cheetahs search for food, while the antelopes

as impalas, small dik dik, and (  ) protect their young in the tall grasses. Ugly

creatures like the hyenas and warthogs prey on desirable creatures. A life cycle

embraces new Life, raising and protecting its young, being on your own,

having your own family, and eventually, dying.


As the earth’s human populations developed and migrated, the animals were

pushed off their habitats to make way for oil rigs, coal mines, dwellings in cities,

and, no longer were in a well-established balance of Life. Aggression and violence

occurred so predators and prey found scarce food and habitats for their young.

Billions of the earth’s people began fighting one another. Species were also killed off.

However, some conservation-minded folk formed organizations to protect natural

resources, biodiversity of species, and the well-established balance of Life. It was

hard work.


In 2019, eighty three of these environmental regulations faced a demise and rollback.

[see details]  Political people felt there was a conflict between growing an economy

vs. protecting the environment and that well-established balance of Life. Like minded

conservation groups fought backthrough  the law making congresses. The water, air,

noise laws faced a rollback, and the endangered species like the bald eagle, the symbol

of American nation, found themselves a less protected list. Besides, the conservation

protection of species and natural resources, the earth’s seas were rising, the core of the

earth was becoming hotter and hotter, with icebergs melting,  original forests cut down

for farming,  and energy pollution from coal mines affected the climate and all weather

patterns. Some sea creatures like lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans live in cold

ocean waters, slowly swam to new shores north where the colder waters prevailed.

The people’s food supply was endangered by processed foods, quickly made with

preservatives and chemicals, so organic farming produced healthy foodstuffs for

the human population.


The Silver Lining to these 83 rollbacks were found in the honeybees farms, the birth of

the extinct white rhino in captivity, and fresh green moss growing in the frigid Arctic

regions which we will continue to discuss as examples of protection and change of the

well-established balance of Life.


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