Moon Walk Sale

Inspired by the late Laurel Burch, young imaginative artist.

In 100 degrees, we walked in

Brother Moon, Sister Sun

In the senior Garage Auditorium

with our stuff.

@7:30 am buyers appeared at the door

We were not ready for such a rush in the A M.

Curious, interested, table to table — great!

Saturday, a dud, only $2 essential oils and tester,

then the law of attraction hit my table #13.

The Moon WALK started late and ended early.

Buyers asked good questions in 100 degrees.

Broke even from cost of table. I stood up, in the flow.

Cash only, didnt have enough. Grew hungry,

in preparations forgot to eat and self-care. Food truck, alas.

Kente cloth. Time Ages large books, LEGENDS.

Gunne Sax Wedding Dress (sz 13)-no sale. Pink sachets

2 for $6 surprises – beads, earrings, pins, FUN! Indigo

cloth sold from Ghana. Gave a WWII book of mine to

a trembling Korean vet. But why $2 bottles of essential

oils kept everyone’s fancy and interest. PLZ DO NOT OPEN!

Aromatherapy at Windsor GArdens — must be a need to

smell and relax sweetly. Next year, all essential oil

collection. –njvm, Denver.