MOON WALK specials (items2go) NO DESIGNER items

SALE on July 19, July 20. Denver’s Windsor Gardens Seniors.

or online, contact within. Keep on trucking, even in heat wave.

We have MOON WALK specials in areas of:

#artifacts from indigenous Africa (Karamajoing, Uganda-Maasai).

#Gunne Sax Country Wedding Dress, long sleeve, laced, buttoned, empire, size 13.

#Two French motorcycle long sleeve embellished tee shirts, x-large.

#One Ethiopian silver cross, etched

#Blue Willowware china

#Assorted tote bags and usable handbags, no designer.

#Old jewelry – earrings, pearl necklace, black/silver earrings…trade beads

to make a tribal necklace…ancient trade beads from Venice, Mali–chevrons.

#African textiles — Kente cloth (strips and woven spreads), Indigo fabrics,

Tye-dyed fabrics; assorted batik cloth, (Laurel Burch) cats

#Gorgeous forest green sparkling New Age velvet cape/shawl

and more…NO DESIGNER items at this SALE. We are recycled, green

antiques, artifacts (handmade) and more.  Gypsy Girl books.