Independence Day is for the free

July 4th 2019.

The too loud boom of firework bombs

sets off memories of war and conflict,

not freedom and peaceful celebration.

Pets, babies, open fields, kids, elders surrounded

in miserable noise into the night, –illegal–

as thunder and lightning vie, other colorful, smaller displays

at midnight, the end of independence Day.

Gushy hot dogs, burnt burgers, overcooked potato salad

and mayo-d pasta salad spiked a holocaust of tastes.

A messy twelve hours before BOOM BOOM.

  1. The Declaration of Independence. Philadelphia.

One cannonball celebration. A pageant of new citizenry.

Words on parchment declare the red-white-blue free

of the colonizer. The tall ships of the 200th in Boston Harbor

exquisite. Old Ironsides informative tours. Living history.

Why Mr. President do you need military toys, games, fake salutes

to begin to know the meaning of your citizenry and our freedom.

Sit down, sir.

We are free, without you. We are the leaders of America the Beautiful.

The wise, the very young, the teenager will lead us into a sounder,  more inclusive


Not you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, America the Beautiful.

And to the inspiration of the peak, Pikes Peaks, Colorado Springs, CO.