Normandy – 75 Years Later — My Life Lived Full (excerpt)

When Gilles and I started planning our road trip through northern France, we knew there were going to be some tough, emotional moments. This was the trip we had dubbed the History Tour during the planning phase, but to be more accurate, it should have been called the War Tour. You see, on June 5th […]

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The History of U.S.S. Landing Ship Tank 510, summed it up best:

[The LST’s] primary function would have court-martialed the most prudent of our sea captains. This primary function being to cast itself upon the shore; then, the huge bow doors would open, the ramp would come down, and troops and vehicles would be unloaded on foreign soil.”

Tribute WW 2@ Dominic Zarlengo, KIA, and his living brother, of LST 510-Omaha

Beach, Normandy Invasion, Pete, age 94, Denver-based.

http://www.veterans history project at Library of Congress

and  #Memorial Day EditionZarlengo brothers