Happy Birthday, darling! My Blue Water babe.

May 31 Birthday.  Walter.

Darling, there is so much to tell you and talk about since you left.

Yet I find it hard to find the right words.

I hold you close each and every day, missing you too much as the years pass by —

it is only yesterday, we smiled at our future together. Two late bloomers

in love.  Two teenagers giddy. Remember when we searched for a wedding ring at the

fancy elegant shop in Cherry Creek?  The owner thought the ring was for our daughter!

Not us, of course, for we were only 65. We hardly knew one another yet we wanted

to spend more time together…that hilarious waterbed you sold immediately and

thank you!  I was drowning. I made sure there was plenty of room at my place,

for your visits, to cook, and to talk more. Remember we planted pink petunias

about this time, in May, from the 8th floor at Tolstoi House, Denver?  Remember?

I was scared of heights but the warm sun and you beside me was so comforting.

The flowers bloomed and bloomed all summer, and we lived next to the Botanic

Gardens and took walks there as well. You wore high black boots to make you

seven feet tall. I wore red Birkenstocks to make me shorter and shorter and

soon we were so comfortable with one another, we need not say a word.

We understood. That I miss the most. That special understanding in love.

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