Vets: moving along and forward to wholeness and community

Memorial Day 2019 -Denver, CO.

As we close out the holiday weekend, the media will move on in its breaking news, as

veterans take the road to a healing path each and every day. With less attention on 

veterans causes and enactment of rightful bills and laws, esp. on healing the trauma,

we remain watchful, here for you — again thank you for your service. And to the

plight of military families and Gold Stars. Whether a new service dog, psychedelic, CBD

creams, boxing, writing letters, meeting comrades, having coffee…we honored and

remembered this weekend, the fallen. You are part of our living history, vets —

How can I help?  veterans history project  In Denver, at Mile High Red Cross.

or Washington D.C. Library of Congress.

Blue Water Vietnam Veterans: my hero and the story follows

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