…tolling of the Navy bell

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My beloved, your brothers and I embraced you yesterday.

Lost in time, disease, undocumented war hero, your shipmates

said farewell in the tolling of the Navy bell.

That slow… salute… goodbye.

We honored you and remembered you, my beloved

in the blue waters of Vietnam, that unholy television war,

of terror of north and south, of hollow words and sacred ground.

Your brothers knew war before you, alongside you, after you.


As your widow, it is not a Gold Star path I live.

You had me beside you in illness and in death,

Now I have no one. For it took everything I had

to care for you as I did. The disease was demanding.

Your soul so gentle yet the disease so aggressive,

from moment to moment for ten years it was another war

and marriage of terror at home,

undocumented then, not liveable, unhealthy life.


Today I hope to visit you in this honor and birthday

reading favorite passages at your gravesite. There seems

not enough time to share how much I loved you and grateful

I knew you, in spite of it all.


Hear the tolling of the Navy bell this holiday and

honor and remember. Your brothers and I embrace

and love you.

-your wife.

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