In a small Catholic cemetery…


Donald LePenske, USMarine, WWII, KIA. 1944. and his four brothers who served.

In a small Catholic cemetery in Boulder, CO lies a brave Marine who lost his life in war 1944. A young man of twenty of the LePenske-Machin brothers, Donald faced the Japanese on the island of Saipan, and before he reached the beaches, was killed. The cemetery is small, and his father wanted not a national cemetery in 1944, but a small Catholic cemetery for his eldest son. Today, 2019, Donald rests alone, far from his service brothers. The modest tombstone is covered in grass. Donald LePenske has never been recognized by the Colorado fallen heroes, but I do so here. I know what his death meant to my late veteran husband years later. Donald is not forgotten: we honor and remember this brave Marine  #MemorialDay in  Colorado 2019.

Donald J Le Penske Boulder

#MemorialDay Tributes downtown Denver: stirring posters, music, armed forces, vets, and active duty, honor with Gold Star families.

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