14 May

Tucked away in my memory, I tried to forget the details.❤❤❤

Too mucuh happened afterwards. Grief became complicated for

eight years. Until now.4 May 2019 Changes

re My second husband who passed eight years now.

Returns with medical and military memories of a dioxin

called Agent Orange. Vietnam. What now, he is gone, but

was his suffering caused by chemical Agent Orange.?

Time to open a claim, gather the evidence, and file and — wait.

The compensation is rich. IF eligible. The DATES critica.

1962-1963 USS Yorktown took to Hawaii, the Philippines,

Hong Kong, and Japan. See the cruisebook.Cartoons, photos,

local scenes, Navy Hymn. Photo of W, p279.

Dream the Impossible Dream. The Man of La Mancha. by Cervantes.

3. Humanize Your Every Event