More Verses: Last Survivors

Inspired by the FRONTLINE documentary

on LAST SURVIVORS of (a Concentration Camp, WWII)


Part I

Listen up! — for we are the last survivors.

Open the dialogue page and ask us your questions.

We survived the atrocities in the war.

By sharing our stories, we share the peace.

Peace is us.

Peace is all around us, yet ask those hard questions.


Our ancestors and we came through the horror and the hate.

Stubborn, strong, alone, war kills for peace.

In the camps, the beaches, the temples, the thick forests.

The families murdered, but our love — our love lasts forever.

The last hug we never forget.

Frightened to share, yet fearless, we share our holocaust.


Part II

It’s not okay — to hate. An individual or a group.

In fact, it’s a crime… to prevent.

Images of strong arm presidents never endure that long,

for our hearts protest and live in love.

Arrogance. Lies. Falsehoods daily.  Bullying.

It’s not okay to hate.

In fact, it’s a crime.



The ancestors who survived the atrocities beg us today.

History shows that Peace moves us forward.

To a better humanity.

The Gardens of Life grows deep in the roots of peace.

Any war — be it civil war, ethnic war, world war, destroys–

the natural rhythms of the earth and its people and plants.

We are a good people; disregard the strong arm dictators

And find a creative way to survive the bully.


Know your ancestors well; they survived and lived for us.

Ask the hard questions.

How can I be more human?

The gardens await us. The blooms in buds.

Be foolish when you survive; create a sculpture; give a talk;

place a memorial stone to remember the loss; at night,

talk to the ancestors who survived and to those who did not.

Remember the box cars, take a left or right, who knows for sure.

It’s not fair that some do live, some don’t. Not fair at all.

Is it possible to ever forgive?


Our legacy is to carry on in peace, not war.

We never forget the dark hours.

It’s not okay–to hate any place, any time.

In fact, it’s a crime… to prevent.


Dig your garden deep, nourish it, and water daily.

Know your history, maternal and paternal  struggles,

who carried on, as best they could —

Those who came before us, lived for us children today.

It’s not okay to hate. Listen up. Ask the hard questions.

How can I be more human?


Peace. Shalom. Namaste.

Inspired by educational USA documentary