Last Survivors: Dig a garden

Dedicated:  all survivors of any conflict, trauma, pain-full event,

personal or worldly.

Inspired by Frontline’s LAST SURVIVORS


Listen up — for we are the last.

Ask your questions now. Open the dialogue page.

The truth be loud. The words on paper can fall silent.

Talk with us, the survivors: the Holocaust was real.

Hear us; we live in a new humanity.

No more hateful lives. We remember; we are sharing.

Years gone byThe fact is we survived.

Stubborn, strong, alone. Random, left or right in the box car.

But we survived the camps, the beaches, the thick forests of a war.

Our families lost, not our love.

Frightened and fearless, we share the remembrance.

Today we survived the atrocity.

May not be fair. Our story is present.

In the camps in Java. And Germany.  Sicily.

Our family never knew one another. 

The children remained: we grew up fast.

The vintage photos worn but not forgotten.


You never know the effect of war until you face it.

We are sharing in a new way.

This war trauma is part of our survivor tissue.

We remember that last hug. The love so strong.

Don’t ask why, however. It’s a waste of time.

Ask, for those ahead, how can we make it better?

Ask this.

Know the names of the ancestors who preceded you.

Who died in the camps. On the beaches. In the chambers. In the streets.

Where, what, how, when.

Ask as much as you can now.

The last survivors are present.

Help us share their story. Help the brave survivors

By living in peace.


Part II

It’s not okay to hate. In fact, it’s a crime.

Images of strong arm nations are false.

The people know best.

Tyrants. Lies. Arrogance.  Daily Falsehoods.

It’s not okay to hate.

Think peace.

The survivors teach us this lesson. 

The history shows how peace moves us forward.

The days ahead can be calmer than yesterday,

some days more bright, some nights in harmony.

Our gardens can grow greener, with care.


Any war — civil war, ethnic war, world war, or other.

Destroys, disrupts the rhythms of life.

Hard to see the flowers grow.

The gardens await us.


Peace is us. Wage peace.

Be foolish, if you survive. Create sculpture. Give a conference.

Write a memorial. Place a memorial stone or story.

L-o-v-e more, fully and truthfully.

The dark history of our lives is past.

Our legacy is peace, not war.

It’s not okay to hate anywhere, anytime.

Dig a garden. Know your history.

Respect your ancestors who survived.

They lived for us.


Peace. Shalom. Namaste.


Original. Revised.

—nancy j v m/colorado  #Mosaic70

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Think peace.


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