turn off the smartphone: save the planet

I grew up without a smartphone.

The new phone was a rotary dial, with a party line.

We could, if we wanted, listen in on our neighbor’s conversations.

For privacy, we’d use the public coin booth phone. Walk to this.

All that has changed.

I loved the old typewriters too. Carried a portable underwood or smith corona

overseas with me. just needed ribbon, white ink to erase, if the a pencil eraser didn’t

work — and paper, even carbon paper for a copy.  Fingers on the HOME Row, students!

a b c d e f…. clunk, clink, clickety clack, clickety clack.


LISTEN to your neighbor and write down your thoughts…be in solitude without the phone!   Listen to the world…the birdsongs. See the plants, flowers, forests grow.

SAVE THE FORESTS  Amazon  Basin   Brazil   Rainforests of Africa   Asia

SAVE THE OCEANS   from plastic!  restore the coral of Great Barrier Reef…stop the warming.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.….Rebuild our beloved Notre Dame Cathedral, which one week ago, April 15, caught fire and burnt out the roof and the spire (steeple) fell…

our heart sank…for the French, for the historic landmark, for the sacred place of 850 years — debris and charred wood and crumbling stone…restore and rebuilt Notre Dame de Paris. Relics were saved. Thank you, firefighters of Paris.

EARTH DAY 2019  Make the changes the planet needs and one day at a time…

Grow a garden, turn off the smartphones and listen…

Green Sacred Safe Spaces.


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