Notre Dame a memory

The Fire.  🥵🇫🇷🔥April 15 2019

It’s been a long day for the world. The fire at

Paris’ Notre Dame leaves us weak and sad. We strive for strength.  Helpless to its long 800 yr history with modern issues of acid rain  pollution  aging… the spire now gone … the twin bell 🛎 towers standing at this late hour for the world… in its fury inferno just hours ago… it seems surreal. Hearing only the voices of silence and Ave Maria  we cried.  The fire raged. We loved this venerable cathedral never knowing its vulnerability or delicate nature in its ages. Such a sacred place as Notre Dame etched in history  visits  religion as the heart ❤️ of Paris and yes the world.  We gathered. Whether rebuilding is possible ? we are not sure…know colossal damage occurred…  a resilient main entrance and stone gargoyles standing.

We cry and pray for Notre Dame for Parisians for the pilgrims for the visitors daily…the flowers the pigeons the gargoyles the Rose windows the sacred place, we cry.

Although not Catholic  this Cathedral was massive in my memory. In 1963 I lived in Paris. Au pair. Paris was ❤️ love and for lovers. Near the Notre Dame. The booksellers on the Seine. Satire. Camus. Livre de poche. Drawings. Cafes on Boul Michel…we lived in Place Clichy  8 floor. A good view of Paris rooftops  shared a flush toilet  walked on the bridges of Notre Dame to Boul Mich and work. In 1980 an unexpected return from North Africa to the rive gauche. I had malaria in an infirmary overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. The protector. Eternal.

Today young and old pray and cry for this surreal fire 🔥 —saddens the heart for such a loss of sacred structure in affection and now in memory.

  • n j v machin  Colorado


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