Welcome, newcomers!


Be KIND to Those in DIVERSE Place is my poem for this month.

I wrote this poem for My Irishman, who is deceased, yet alive in my heart.

Although I am older than some, I no longer have the obligations of life.

Freedom to write. Freedom to think. Freedom to create.

Bio: Born in New York, lived overseas (mostly MiddleEast, Africa, Europe),

presently living in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are far from the Atlantic ocean

I knew and grew up near. I taught writing at our local community college.

Mostly, memoir writing: later, I was able to write, edit and self-publish ten

books of both memoir and poetry, @amazon.com @kindlestore.

Joy!  To be published. Yet words are sacred to me and healing and I keep writing.

My inspirations come early in the day, even during dreaming …

so welcome newcomers, tell me about yourself. (Hope you can respond