Be kind to those in diverse places — the temple, the church, the ashram, the mosque

Evening of March 15, 2019

Be kind to those in diverse places.

We are One in all our efforts of love.

And in sorrow. And tragedy.

Our pathos is worldwide in this cultural moment.

Fear shortens lives; shrinks our personal power.

The paths of Oneness are many.

In the temple, the ashram, the church, the mosque.


The color of our skin is a beautiful thing.

Go deep into our beauty.

Those who abuse whiteness or blackness or any color of skin

reduce our humanity.

We are One, embracing, ever color-blind.

In the ashram, in the church, in the temple, in the mosque.

Maya said, ‘more alike, than unalike.’

We always connect in kindness. And love.


They say this cultural moment is a turning point.

Powerful figures fail us. Try to abuse, scare, enforce.

We all feel this moment, corner to corner.

“Our president is not even worth impeaching.”

We may not be who we were.

The wise say — have a moral purpose.

Be a moral, passionate people — seeking, striving —

Uplifting each other.

Comforting the existential pain–in diverse places.

In song. In prayer. In harmony.


Our air, water, sand, forests, sky may not be the same.

A bomb cyclone  (bombogenesis) touched down here:

hurricane force winds in snow storms: tree branches broke off

the sky was falling…

whiteout whiteout whiteout

will it touch down in your place?

A godless change in weather is present —

raucous, free-wheeling wind, power outages,

our humanity shook.

The earth unleashed its anger. Sea to mountaintop.

We saw our vulnerabilities.

We felt our mortality.

We saw people stuck.

We saw that 100-mile stretch ahead.

We sat in darkness, waiting for the light.


Be kind to those in diverse places.


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