rules of writing 2


the early childhood trauma

may affect us deeper as

we approach our passing…

i saw this in my husband,

for one. at his transition.

he felt closer to the God he

knew and loved as a boy,

as a son of a coal miner,

and brother of seven.

he was One with life as

he knew its joys and sorrows.

what a wonderful man.

so, those NJ / PA experiences

of wildness, in nature —

beauty, calm, wonder

yet at home, the madness

of rage, and tears —

i believe as the elder

tore my life apart — early.

hiding this pain has

caused years in conflict–

to share or not to share.

drama. hospitals. outcries.

always restless.

always restless.


unable to stop.

is there peace now —

unspeakable acts…

after so many years on the run?

keep moving and keep writing,

and it…will come to me,

i believe in the healing power

of writing it down.

With the Muse.