The woman in a Burqa

In the local supermarket today, while waiting for a taxi,

on a snowy Saturday, a black veiled woman in brown garb, flashed

by me...she didn't have a male beside her, she was alone.

Later, I saw her in the Dollar store. I stared briefly. Curious.

Her Arab sisters scattered throughout the grocery and dollar stores--

shopping American style. Chattering in their language. The woman 

in the burqa had a henna tattoo, wore flimsy yet comfortable

slippers -- not flipflops. Not from Afghan, maybe Saudi, or Sudan.

The taxi driver was from the Sudan, and I asked, as the music

playing was not Arabic or Amharic...the traditional Arab-Islamic garb at these

stores in Aurora, Colorado reveals a diverse identity. No wall here.

Maybe Persian. As soon as the veiled women or hajib-wearing women 

speak or follow a man, the customs are not American free but purdah bound.

We, in that moment, were just sisters of the world shopping for

the right bargain. - njvm