GYPSY GIRL The Gifts released

“Ideas are in things,” stated poet William Carlos Williams, which is one theme of this wide, broad-brush sketch, in color, of a published senior’s Gypsy Life in places, things, history, memories. Embracing a metaphysical philosophy that our words, our collectibles, our art, our salt and pepper shakers reflect a deeper thoughtful interior life, Vorkink Machin continues her riveting memoir series in objets arts from Istanbul, Paris, Kampala, and Lagos and Monrovia. Seeking items, consciously and unconsciously, began with New Jersey jingle shells in the 1950s. Today contemporary ringing chimes resonate. To remain alive, this rare, personal world collection over a span of six years retains vivid colors, unique character, and cultural diversity. The hanging museum overflows, and the author must move on, as in the Persian rubaiyat…”the moving finger having writ, moves on.” This beautiful book highlights the value in our lives of our thoughts as manifested in things, in words, in collections and to be more mindful each day of our spiritual practices, purchases, and travels. Safe cover good (2)