Safe Houses for us and our children


New articles SafeHouse2: A Perspective

550 words article December 2, 2017

Available here in full.

SAFE HOUSE2:  A Perspective

Nancy Vorkink Machin, senior author

December 2, 2017  (550 wrds)

Denver, CO.-

In search of a better ‘we’ in this watershed moment,

Let’s be thoughtful, not as reactionary, and dig into

Our social and political history.  Every thing, affirmative

And poetic life, and our own privacy issues  is within a context.

Be it personal or political. The world at large  is influencing

and begging us to stay connected 24/7.

We Americans hold conversations on misconduct,

Inappropriateness, and our own privacy loyalties and

infidelities in attempts to make sense of our current watershed

moment. Or we ignore it? How can we as our culture moral standards

are at stake, both politically and personally?

Where do we go from here?  Can we create Safe Houses?

for our children? Can we answer their curious questions?

We desire those coming up to learn to act appropriately and

feel loved and safe. Not violated or tragic. In order to be compassionate, free

and even happy, and productive.

In reading The New Yorker’s David Remnick’s PROFILE

(“The Devil Problem and Other True Stories”)

From 1997, Vintage Books on Colorado’s Gary Hart 1987

presidential fall from grace, we learn

That Hart may have known he was taking a risk,

Feeling all powerful, aloof, and indulged himself anyway

In a sex scandal.  Gary Hart’s tragedy in 1987 in sexual

Misconduct and subsequent, fall from grace. He took a bruising.

President Bill Clinton who shortly followed in our political

History faced impeachment for his transgressions. Both were

Charming men, with wives who stood by their man. Their drive to

Serve in public life and become agents of change became heady issues.

In American politics, Gary Hart of Colorado took the fall and today,

We still remember its impact. Bill Clinton was an effective two term

President, yet, we the public knew he had committed acts of sexual

Misconduct prior to his Inauguration and ignore it for the sake of the country.

Later, there was no denying an in house sexual scandal.

So, what is different today, in this watershed moment of multiple and

Publicized acts of sexual harassment and assault by powerful people in

Politics, the arts, the media, in journalism itself, what is different or is it

The same as Gary Hart’s fall from grace, Bill Clinton’s impeachment process,

Or even twelve accusers for our President Donald Trump – are we an ethical

Culture who tends to ignore or deny high profilers misconduct and move on –

Or do we punish swiftly as some news channel’s have done, losing some of the

Best minds such as Journalist Charlie Rose, or do we vote unabashedly

for a Senate candidate in spite of or because of his sexual assaults, say in Alabama?

Can we separate the public man and his sexual private life for the good of the

Country? So many questions, and hurts, and why this is a vital watershed moment which

Keeps unfolding and evolving in American life of 2017. There must be a

Common thread here. No quick fix here nor new

Safe Houses for our children yet acts of forgiveness and apologies are a beginning.

None of us is perfect and our private lives need to be better protected to be better

Human beings.


– nancy j v machin, Denver, Colorado 80212

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