My take: Sex, Politics, Forgiveness, Moral Injury

There may be no one in your house
talking about the new sexual disclosures,
but everyone else is…among our predators
we have accusers speaking up to Comedy Works
(and movie giants Weinstein, Spacey, Louis K, and
Congressional guys like denying Alabama guy,
other Senators, journalists, sports, and the latest
Senator/comic Al Franken…to some the most shocking)
that we better get down to business in definition,
guilt-shame frameworks, apologies, ethics on the job,
domestic violence at home and so much more cultural
issues/spiritual solutions — ranging to our president)…
in war, moral injury can be defined as going against one’s
conscience as in killing a child…but moral standards in civil society
(American), killing a soul by sexual abuse can last a lifetime…
that distinct SHAME can be defined. In my experience,
European standards would be different than American,
Arab, African, Asian all different, yet there is a common
humanity (inhumanity) to any form of abuse —
physical, emotional, spiritual. It is ugly, evil, dangerous.
In my view, in all cases — forgiving
is part of the healing and we need to revisit its meaning,
what is Forgiveness (and fairness)…with our politics and
journalists cracking open this sensitive taboo issue –everywhere,
online, offline, in our privacy, in the coffeehouses — the guilty
are scorned, some apologies, but not much really –all is not forgiven yet —
until we know the victims are safe, safe, safe from attack…
and that forgiveness has occurred
in the HEART. I am not sure how to measure this…for unfolding events occur every day now…support those who do have the moral courage to speak out against their predators…risking much. Job, family, relationship, friends.
Most victims have blamed themselves, thinking they are at fault,
and others have been too quick to JUDGE when speaking up.
It is critical in my view to express this misconduct. To heal,
Both predator and prey. We are civilized peoples. The misconduct,
the abuse, power and sex, trivializing the concern all seeps
into our hearts and minds. Without forgiveness.
The hard truth in these sexual disclosures at all levels is that
Americans live in a violent society and come from a violent,
invasive history, and today, live in wartime over many years,
in fear, deployments,
spineless authorities both civil and academic, and no moral higher ground —
I thought it was the comedians at first to save us… but none of this stuff (on my FB page) is funny,  not funny at all. It is within us all.
Peace, healing, forgiveness.
nancy v machin💕
We are nor voyeurs; we are authentic voices of hurt.

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