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Celebration of Peace Corps and Returned Peace Corps
Volunteers in Denver, Colorado this weekend at the
University of Denver, Sturm Hall. Buy a coffee mug or
teeshirt or tote to support Peace Corps! We are
especially mindful of tax reform under this administration
that proposes new isolationism, skinny funding to
international agencies, and violence against women in
some cases. Remember Liberia and read Worldview PCV Magazine
online. Stories of experiences overseas in the toughest job
we ever loved. We didn’t forget. Friends of Daniel served
a student of mine in need during days of civil war, refugee
life, repatriation, and Ebola viral outbreak. No need is
too much. Can we continue to build on the foundation we
started… school is most appropriate, with decent blackboards
and ample chalk, lesson plans in print, school packback and
pens and paper, notebooks, and books, books, books to read by
kerosene light or electric. Solar computers for all.

daniel and mom

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