Destination Unknown: A Profile

March is Navy/Seabee month –75 years!

Greetings, WWII Book lovers: ATTN: PRESS



A Profile of an Underage WWII Seabee

by nancy vorkink machin MA, RPCV is

available at $15.95 free Prime

shipping. 154 pgs. Discounts upon request.


An untold true story of an underage WWII Seabee in the

Pacific islands, with retired Vet Charles J. Doubrava, age 89.

Chuck lives in Aurora, Colorado and is a senior neighbor.

Part of the Veterans’ History Project of the Library of Congress.

“One of the best; one of the last.” Buy and read today!


Any questions, do not hesitate to inquire. If you liked to

carry the book in your store, please let me know.


Thank you for your interest.




Nancy Vorkink Machin

Author, Self-Publisher


720.633.2503 text


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