Seniors Growing Old — It’s the Holidays

Many new neighbors and friends came my way this year.

I’d like to give a shout out to some I remember tonight,

The old, true friends are writers and teachers and counselors,

and one former lawyer. All are active in advocacy issues, and all

growing older. Some are healthier, including myself in the lot,

than others, but most of us have something going on. Single,

married, divorced, and widowed (I am one of the few of whom

I speak).

In our clubhouse, this year — it has taken a while to feel comfortable again,

being back, paying an outrageous rent, getting sick immediately, feeling

lonely often. My decision to take a Meditation class has been enduring and

mindfully filled. The new year there may be chair yoga to keep up my stamina,

trim down, and tone up. Exercise is the life-saver.

Before the end of the year, I met F. a former Presbyterian minister

teaching a club of mindful residents. My neighbor E enjoys swimming

in the outdoor pool in the summer, as I did. My former neighbor, A. came

back and had bought his own condo, a small one-bedroom like mine.

I know most of the shopper ‘ladies’ now, of course, the driver G.when I

first came here in 2003.

At the clubhouse, I read the paper and listen to the music. I don’t go

the restaurant as I thought I would — I used to patronize HG restaurant

a lot more, but then, ah, I had a companion. I’m on my own now, and

can’t afford nor like to eat out alone any longer.

I met before Thanksgiving a man from Morocco — a man of the Islam faith,.

We spoke French. I had lived in Algeria and taught in North Africa so

there was an connection, especially when B said he lived in Casablanca.

His mother lived here; he’s gone now. I met a woman who had been taking

the original glucose sulphate (glucosomine) for arthritis – she said she lost

her family to Hitler. Many veterans and veterans spouses here from World War

Two -European theatre. I am a veteran’s spouse and I served my county in

the Peace Corps, in Africa. I met several drummers, black and white, from the

Sunday drumming club. I met a younger woman in her 70s who told me

she had Dementia and was going fast.

There are many aspiring writers from the Writers Club

around. D. drives and is a new, helping with decorating out building with Santa Fe’

lantern on the walk and will drive me to Tattered Cover this week. I ride the #3 RTD bus

to the mall and have a latte or chai at Starbucks. Other seniors ride, some go to work part

time. I wish I could do that. The ride is free and that matters. I see neighbors drive like P.

in beat-up old cars. When I walk I know more dogs than I do owners — it’s colder now,

snow coming, the holiday events filling time, so hustle bustle, when it is time to slow

down, at the end of the year, and take stock, and reflect.

Time now to do this. Thank you for reading this ditty. — njvm



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